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4 Important Steps When Considering a Divorce in California


Contact a Lawyer

Choosing to dissolve your marriage is clearly a major decision. A divorce can impact all areas of your life, from social to financial. After you have chosen to move forward with your divorce, it is important to contact a reputable local attorney right away. You may think that your case is relatively "straightforward" and can be resolved quickly. Unfortunately, like all family law issues, most divorces are not simple. There are many complex issues that can arise during any divorce. An experienced attorney can help you sort through the important decisions you must make, and help you meet your legal goals.

Examine Your Finances

Your financial situation may be profoundly changed by your divorce. In fact, dealing with financial matters is often one of the most complicated parts of divorce. Even if you and your spouse signed a prenuptial or a marital agreement, it is essential to accurately examine your finances. Getting a clear picture of your financial circumstances will help form concrete goals in the divorce case. Your attorney can connect you to financial professionals, including accountants, financial planners and property evaluators, to help with this step.

Discuss Your Goals

You need to create clear "divorce goals" when starting your divorce. You are likely to have many questions and concerns about the process, and may feel overwhelmed by these. By setting out your goals for the case, you and your attorney can discuss the matters most important to you. Doing so will help you get a better handle on what comes next, and the impact of your divorce. When creating your goals, ask yourself the following:

  • Will I be financially independent after divorce?
  • Will I need alimony, otherwise known as spousal support in California?
  • How do I want child custody to be divided?
  • Can I get separate medical insurance coverage through my job or elsewhere?
  • Do I want to try and settle out of court?

These questions can assist you in beginning your goals list. After you have formulated your goals, talk about them with your divorce lawyer. He or she can discuss how attainable each goal, and what you can do to achieve your goals.

Communicate With the Kids

If you and your spouse have children, minors or adults, you will need to talk with your kids about the divorce. Every family's communications systems are different, so take some time and consider how best to share this news. You may want to consult with a child psychologist about the best approach to telling your children. Remember, as confusing and emotionally difficult as divorce can be for you, it will likely be more so for your children. Be patient with your children, and utilize healthy resources for help with this important step.

Call Ventura County Divorce Firm

From beginning to end, Negley Law, APC is your full-service family law firm. When you call our Ventura office, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. From there, our team will help you through the steps in your divorce case while providing tailored, honest legal advice. If you are considering, or have decided on divorce, contact our law firm online or call us at (805) 464-7315.

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