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Ventura Legal Separation Attorney

Helping Couples With Legal Separation in California

Why would a couple elect to establish a legal separation rather than simply file for a divorce, called a "Dissolution of Marriage"? There can be a number of reasons.

Divorce in California requires a six month residency prior to filing. There is no residency requirement for a legal separation petition. You may both wish to live apart either temporarily or permanently but for religious, financial or other reasons do not intend to divorce or do not wish to divorce until a later date.

Obtaining a judgment of legal separation has a number of advantages over simply living apart. A Ventura divorce attorney at our firm can answer your questions, advise you on your legal rights and work with you to prepare your legal separation agreement. We serve Ventura and all of Ventura County.

How To Get A Legal Separation In California

Seeking a legal separation can be a complex matter. You must settle all of the same financial and family issues that are dealt with in a divorce.

Matters to be settled include:

‚ÄčBoth spouses must agree to the separation before the petition may be filed, unless one spouse simply does not respond as in a default situation. Where one or both parties are very recently arrived in the state and wish to settle the arrangements quickly, a legal separation may be filed immediately and the petition for dissolution of marriage filed afterward. Retaining a skilled legal separation lawyer who will work closely with you to ensure your needs and those of any children are met, you will protect your legal rights.

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In the event that one or more issues prove difficult for the two of you to agree upon, you can depend on our firm to guide you through the process to help reach a resolution. Call to arrange a consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer at Negley Law, APC.

Are you considering a legal separation? Contact a Ventura legal separation attorney at the firm for reliable legal counsel.


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