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The Divorce Process in California

The divorce process begins when one person (the petitioner) files a petition for dissolution with the court. This may be a matter which has been discussed between you or it may be a surprise. The other person (the respondent) has 30 days in which to respond to the court.

Whether you have few assets or a vast marital estate the divorce process usually entails a lot of work. At Negley Law, APC, our Ventura divorce attorney is skilled at smoothing the process to make it as painless as possible. We represent clients throughout Ventura County.

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What Matters Must Be Settled in Divorce?

Divorce and annulment are the two legal methods of ending a union. Since annulment is only an option in very specific circumstances, the vast majority of couples must work through the process to arrive at a divorce settlement agreement.

This involves settling such matters as:

This is accomplished by discussion, or in the case of a dispute, by mediation or by trial before a judge. Discussion or mediation put the two parties more in control of the outcome, generally the least stressful and result in far less hostility later on.

When is it Time to Get the Court Involved in My Divorce?

Our firm makes an effort to assist in an amicable resolution of differences without an expensive trial. Should this prove impossible, an aggressive divorce lawyer at Negley Law, APC uses every available legal tool in the courtroom to protect a client's rights.

Here are some examples of when we will need to get the court involved:

  • When there has been domestic violence the court can issue restraining orders and other forms of protection.
  • Highly contentious divorce some matters may have to be determined by the court.

A knowledgeable divorce lawyer at our firm can help you understand your options so you can make an informed decision. If you are considering filing for divorce, contact a Ventura divorce attorney for professional representation.


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