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Google Founder's Divorce Settlement Finalized


Divorce can happen in any marriage, and when it does, couples often dispute who will get what after the split. Property, assets, accounts, and money are often big sticking points in divorce negotiations. Conversations about how to split marital assets are of particular importance when the parties involved have a considerable amount of wealth. Whether both spouses are each independently wealthy or one spouse is responsible for a lion's share of the couple's joint wealth, spouses usually take this issue very seriously.

Google Founder's Divorce Settlement Finalized

California is positively brimming with technological innovation and celebrity reporting. The most recent divorce news comes from Silicon Valley, where it was announced that the divorce between Google founder Sergey Brin and his former wife Anne Wojcicki was quietly settled last month.

Trouble between the couple started two years ago when Wojcicki discovered that Brin was involved in an extramarital relationship with a Google employee, Amanda Rosenberg. Wojcicki soon moved out of their home and announced that the two were separated. Wojcicki lives in one of the couple's Los Altos homes, while Brin lives in their second Los Altos home.

Both Brin and Wojcicki are independently wealthy: Brin has a 30 billion dollar Google fortune, while Wojcicki has her own wealth derived from founding 23andMe, her own genome technology company. Before Brin and Wojcicki wed, they prepared a prenuptial agreement. While it is unclear whether the prenuptial agreement provided provisions regarding the dissolution of the marriage as a result of infidelity, it has been reported by the San Francisco Gate that the couple has quietly settled their divorce and is continuing to raise their children as a team.

Prenuptial Agreements Protect Couples in the Event of Divorce

While many people view prenuptial agreements as some sort of unromantic jinx on a marriage that is yet to be made official, prenuptial agreements can be important in protecting the premarital assets of the couple, and in some cases assets acquired during the marriage. Some people equate a prenuptial agreement to something like an insurance policy, held in reserve in the event that the marriage comes to an end.

Prenuptials are often used by high-earning couples or couples who have substantial wealth in order to protect their assets. While husbands and wive are generally happy to share all that they have while they are happily married, these sentiments often change if the marriage deteriorates or if one spouse is unfaithful. A prenup lays out exactly what assets, property, or monetary amount each party will walk away with if the marriage fails.

Contacting a Ventura Family Law Attorney

When you have assets, wealth, or hold some sort of power in a company, either through shares or ownership, considering a prenuptial agreement may be in your best interest. And even if you do not have a prenuptial agreement in place, or you amassed wealth during your marriage only to find yourself facing divorce, you need to get in touch with an experienced family law attorney. At Negley Law, we can help guide you through your divorce and can advise you on how best to handle your settlement. We can also help you prepare a prenup that suits your needs. When you need a family law attorney in Ventura County, or you have questions regarding your divorce, contact our firm anytime. Our initial consultations are free, and we look forward to meeting with you. Call Negley Law today at (805) 464-7315 to learn more.

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