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Do You Need a Prenuptial Agreement?


If you are planning on getting married in the near future, you may want to think about creating a prenuptial agreement. Although some people may avoid such a step as it seems to be planning for failure, there are other eventualities besides divorce that a prenuptial agreement can aid with. Other people may think that prenups are only necessary if one or both spouses have a large estate, but this again is simply not the case. Prenuptial agreements are a good option for everyone and can give a couple peace of mind knowing that the future is prepared for.

One of the benefits of a prenuptial agreement is that is can avoid conflict and confusion should the couple decide to divorce. It is a fact that half of the marriages in the U.S. end. Whether due to differences in personality, adultery, or simply growing apart as a couple, a divorce is the path chosen by many people today. Sometimes these divorces end up in a messy courtroom battle which is traumatizing both for the spouses and the children. However, if the couple has already made a plan, they can simply follow this plan without the necessity of a drawn-out process.

A prenuptial agreement can also bring clarity and transparency during a marriage. It can stipulate what the rights and responsibilities of each spouse are. If one of the spouses were to die, a prenup can determine how the property will be divided and how to handle any businesses that were owned by the deceased. Whatever the case, you should contact a Ventura divorce attorney from our firm for help and guidance. We could answer any questions you may have as well as help you create the document. Contact a Ventura divorce lawyer from our team today to learn more about how we could help you!

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