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How To Nullify Your Marriage

In California there are two legal avenues for terminating a marriage:

  • divorce (dissolution of marriage)
  • annulment (nullity of marriage).

Both petitions must be filed with the court. Unlike divorce, annulment is possible only under certain conditions as described in CA Family Code Section 2200, 2201, 2210, and 2211. If you are considering petitioning for "Nullity of Marriage" or "Nullity of Domestic Partnership" it is important to take action quickly as time is limited. A Ventura Divorce attorney can assess your circumstances and advise you if you have grounds for annulment.

Are we eligible for annulment?

Annulment is only possible if the marriage was not valid from its very beginning. The nullity petition requests the court to examine the conditions which existed at the time of the marriage ceremony to determine if there could be a legal marriage. A marriage is considered void if it was an illegal marriage. Conditions which make a marriage void include:

  • one partner was already legally married
  • one partner was underage
  • irregularities in the license
  • solemnization
  • the relationship is discovered to be incestuous.

A marriage is considered voidable if certain conditions exist such as the marriage was forced, there was physical or mental incapacity, or fraud. An annulment may be requested by either party to the marriage or a parent, a conservator or a legal spouse. An experienced annulment lawyer can assist you to protect your legal rights throughout a nullity action.

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