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Advantages of Mediation in Divorce

Divorce or legal separation can be a very difficult process for the entire family. The typical adversarial divorce can easily generate more hard feelings between the two soon-to-be ex-spouses. Property valuation and division of debts, child custody and visitation and spousal support or separate maintenance issues are the most common areas of where disputes can take place. Going to trial over disputed matters is expensive, simply puts your fate in the hands of the court, and can mean neither of you are happy with the outcome. Even a couple who are determined to work out their own agreements can come up against a difference of opinion which seems impossible to resolve. An experienced Ventura divorce attorney at our firm has found that mediation is a very useful tool to resolve issues with a minimum of stress.

Mediation Lawyer in Ventura

Divorce mediation has many benefits. This process can be engaged in for divorce, or while preparing for a legal separation. The two people meet with a neutral third party whose purpose is to assist them to communicate and reach an agreement which fits their circumstances and needs. When there are children to be considered, the two parents will likely have an on-going relationship for many years to come. Since the entire family can be taken into account and all aspects discussed thoroughly mediated agreements are far more likely to be adhered to by both parties. The agreements which result are legally binding and arrived at more quickly than waiting on a court hearing for a determination. A skilled mediation lawyer at our firm works to assist the two parties to achieve a wholly satisfactory outcome with agreements that are specifically tailored to meet the needs and circumstances of the family.

Many couples prefer the privacy of mediation as opposed to airing their differences and details of their personal lives in a courtroom. If you wish to maintain control of your agreements and keep your issues out of the courtroom, talk to a divorce lawyer at Negley Law, APC about mediation.

Do you have issues in your divorce or your legal separation which need to be resolved? Contact a Ventura mediation attorneyat our firm and find out how we can help.