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About Visitation Rights

In the state of California as with most states, the well-being of a child takes precedence over the interests of the child's parents. In many divorce cases, the court will award sole physical custody to one parent in the belief that a child needs the security of a solid and consistent household. The court also recognizes that a child needs both parents in his or her life. Visitation rights exist to ensure that the non-custody holding parent will still have an active and vital role in their child's life. It is important to work out a child custody agreement that fairly reflects the needs and interests of all parties involved. If you are going through a divorce and would like legal assistance when negotiating visitation rights, you should not hesitate to speak to a Ventura divorce attorney today.

If you wish to have a part in your child's life and upbringing, it is incredibly important to be able to see and interact with your child freely and often. When and how often you get to see your child depends on the child visitation agreement reached during your divorce hearing. If you do not have proper legal representation when the court determines the terms of your visitation right, you risk having your visitation time severely limited. After a divorce is finalized it may be very difficult to modify your child custody agreement. With this reality in mind, you should work closely with your divorce lawyer to negotiate for visitation terms that honor your interests as a parent.

Visitation Lawyer Serving Ventura

At Negley Law, we firmly believe that a child needs both parents in his or her life in order to live a health and vibrant life. We will fight on your behalf to reach an agreement that both keeps the interests of your child in the forefront and also maintains your rightful place in the child's life. Do not entrust your future and the future of your child to lesser legal counsel. Call our firm today to take an active step towards ensuring the happiness of your child.

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