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How To Modify Your Spousal Support Order

In some cases, the original terms of a spousal support agreement may not accurate reflect the financial realities of all parties involved. When the original terms of your support agreement no longer reflect you or your former spouse's living situation, it is time to seek out a spousal support modification. The legal processes behind modification can be exceedingly complicated without the proper legal representation.

If you are considering the modification of your spousal support agreement, you should hire a Ventura divorce attorney without hesitation. A knowledgeable divorce attorney will greatly increase your chances of successfully modifying your support agreement.

Reasons to Modify

When it comes to spousal support, the two main issues that usually arise are the length and amount of the support to be paid. Courts generally do not award "lifetime support" in most situations. The duration of support is usually determined based on the length of the marriage. Though the duration of a spousal support agreement falls under the discretion of the court, as a general rule the duration of support is about one half the length of the marriage.

In marriages of long duration, courts may award the spouse more years of support. Sometimes the length of time originally determined may not be enough. Many factors and significant life changes could necessitate the modification of a spousal support agreement. No matter what your reasons for modification may be, it is essential that you seek out a divorce attorney to help you modify your agreement.

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If you are considering the modification of your spousal support agreement, it is essential that you contact a Ventura spousal support lawyer without delay.