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Who can obtain legal guardianship?

In some situations, a child's parents may for one reason or another cannot provide the child with the support he or she needs. When these situations arise, an aunt, uncle, grandparent, or close friend of the family can seek to obtain legal guardianship of the child.

The procedures and laws governing legal guardianship can be exceedingly complicated. If you would like to obtain guardianship of a child, it is absolutely essential that you hire a Ventura divorce attorney to assist you. A knowledgeable attorney will help you build a solid case to secure your place in the child's life.

Types of Guardianship

The reasons for a parent's inability to care for his or her child can be the result of illness, drug or alcohol problems, extreme negligence, military deployment, or a number of other circumstances. In order to account for these different types of situations, California law has two distinct forms of guardianship:

  • Probate Guardianship of the Person - The guardian of the person is responsible for providing the child's essential needs. These needs include clothing, shelter, food, medical care, education, and protection.
  • Probate Guardianship of the Estate - The guardian of the estate manages the child's financial affairs until the child reaches the age of majority (18 years). This form of guardianship usually follows the death of a child's parents and the inheritance of a large sum of money or an estate.

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When it comes to obtaining the legal guardianship of a child, it is very important to hire an attorney with a solid understanding of the laws and procedures governing guardianships. At Negley Law, we focus exclusively on cases like guardianship issues. Obtaining guardianship can be a long and difficult process. With this in mind you should not place your trust in lesser counsel. We will fight by your side to secure the safety and well-being of the child or children in question.

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