How to Enforce A Family Court Order In Ventura

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When a couple dissolves a marriage through divorce, both parties should honor the terms and agreements solidified in the court of law. When one party fails to honor all or a portion of the divorce agreement it is absolutely necessary to take legal action. The terms of a child support, custody, or spousal support agreement should be an undisputable matter.

If the original terms of the divorce agreement do not accurately reflect the financial realities of the parties involved, legal means exist to modify child or spousal support. Refusing to honor a divorce agreement is a very serious matter as it threatens the well-being of your child and yourself. If your former spouse is not honoring your divorce agreement, it is very important to seek out a Ventura divorce lawyer immediately.

What can I change on a family court order?

The terms of a child custody ruling could entail:

  • the specific times and frequency of visitation rights
  • the allotted amount of child support that must be paid
  • which parent has physical of legal custody of the child or children.

During the course of a divorce proceeding, both sides actively negotiate to reach a fair and balanced agreement in regard to the care of your child. When one parent denies the other parent's right to see or visit his or her child, it could be a violation of the court ordered terms of the divorce. Failure to pay child or spousal support also goes against the court's decision and is punishable through legal recourse.

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At Negley Law, we know how troubling it can be to deal with a former spouse who will not honor your court ordered divorce agreement. Though it is very easy to feel helpless in these situations, we will stand by your side and fight to ensure that your former spouse follows through on his or her promises and orders. You have already fought hard to reach your original divorce agreement; you should not suffer the hardship of a dishonest former spouse.

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