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Even after spending many years with another individual, it is not always apparent that this individual will turn violent at some point. Many individuals enter into marriage without realizing their spouse's violent tendencies. When domestic violence becomes an issue in your marriage, it is absolutely essential to seek out legal protection immediately. A Ventura divorce attorney will stand by your side and fight for your safety and security. Domestic violence should never be tolerated in any shape or form. In many cases, taking legal action such as attaining a restraining order may be the only way to protect yourself and your family from an abusive spouse.

What is domestic violence?

Charges of domestic violence cover a wide number of offenses. A spouse does not have to physically harm you or a family member in order to qualify for a domestic violence charge. The serious threat of violence is enough to warrant legal action. Domestic violence can be exceedingly troubling for children

Watching a parent get violent can have profound psychological effects on a child's life and well-being. In many cases, just witnessing domestic violence is enough to severely and irreparably traumatize a child. If your spouse has directed violent actions or threats against you or a family member, a legal step can and should be taken.

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No matter what the circumstances of your situation, it is important to understand that you can take legal steps to free yourself from a violent spouse. At Negley Law, specialize in all areas of divorce law, especially cases involving domestic violence. You should not have to suffer the indignities and hardships of a violent relationship. We will fight on your behalf to free you from the circle of domestic violence and help to ensure that this kind of violence never threatens you or your family ever again. Call our firm today so that we can step in and protect you and your family from harm.

You should not have to suffer through a violent marriage. Contact a Ventura domestic violence lawyer to stop this cycle of abuse.