Petition for Modification to Child Custody In Ventura

Want to change your child custody agreement?

Although your divorce has been finalized, circumstances can change. Circumstances change which can affect the well-being of a child, including:

  • health
  • criminal behavior
  • an impending relocation
  • a parent remarries
  • substance abuse
  • neglect
  • domestic violence

As a child matures, his or her needs can change. There can be any number of reasons for seeking a modification of child custody orders. While it is possible to obtain a modification, this is a complex legal matter which requires the assistance of an established Ventura divorce attorney who is well versed in family law and the court's approach to these petitions.

Is my case eligible for modification?

The State is most concerned with the welfare of innocent children. Maintaining a stable home environment is considered most beneficial to a child. Although child custody orders are modifiable as long as the child is a minor, the court must be convinced that there is a compelling reason to make change in the child's living arrangements.

The petitioner carries the burden of proving that a significant change in circumstances has taken place and the current custody order is not in the child's best interest. Because the state places great importance on the continuing stability of a child's home environment the petitioner must present persuasive evidence that the circumstances have changed to a sufficient degree that a modification is warranted. For example, to prove the custodial parent is guilty of domestic violence your family law lawyer would present police reports and court records showing a court conviction.

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