Child Custody Lawyer

Developing a Child Custody Agreement

In a divorce or legal separation proceeding, the matter of child custody and visitation is of great interest to the court. This can be a difficult issue for both parents to agree on in some cases. The matter can be determined by the court if the parents cannot reach an agreement.

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How Ventura Courts Determine Child Custody

There are two types of custody, legal custody and physical custody:

  • Legal custody is concerned with decisions regarding such matters as medical, education, and religion.
  • Physical custody involves the time spent with a parent.

Each family is unique. Arriving at an agreement on custody and visitation which suits the needs of your family can require patience and a great deal of communication. The court considers the parent-child relationship most important to preserve. In a contested custody matter it will look to the child's best interest in health, safety and welfare. This will include:

  • stability of environment
  • how much time each parent has invested in building and maintaining a loving relationship
  • which parent will be most accommodating in allowing visitation time.

Custody Matters That You May Experience

A respected Ventura family law attorney at our firm is skilled in helping to resolve all types of physical and legal custody matters such as:

Should it prove impossible for an agreement to be reached outside of the courtroom, you will need a skilled divorce lawyer who provides aggressive legal representation in court and makes a clear presentation of the issues concerning the child's best interest. Call Negley Law, APC to discuss your concerns regarding any child custody matter.

For assistance with a child custody or modification to a child custody order, contact a Ventura Divorce attorney at the firm who considers a child's best interest to be the highest priority.